On Our Way

A few years ago, Tyler and I followed Dave Ramsey very loosely. We had some small successes, but eventually fell trap to “normal” and found ourselves accumulating some debt. All of the norms. I had student loans from college, two car payments, a home, and some credit card debt. Pretty standard.

We continued to live “normally” (as Dave would say) and finally the constant question of “where did our money go?” got to us. We’d had enough. Tyler and I both make a good income and Tyler works insanely hard each year and we both felt like it was for nothing. We didn’t have much to show for our efforts.

Tyler and I finally decided it was time to buckle down. We both were ready. Financial Peace, it was! We knew that this time we needed to actually take the class and follow Dave’s steps and educate ourselves more.

A few lessons in and I was feeling “gazelle intense”. Tyler was still a bit hesitant but was showing awesome strides with cutting up his credit card and talking out the struggles that he was feeling. Neither of us thought this was easy, but I was just naturally more of the ‘nerd’. I really always have been. 😉

Our journey has only just begun but I’m excited to announce that we have paid off our first debt on our snowball. It was about a $4,000 loan. We have two more loans to go before we can move onto the next baby step. Most people think I’m crazy for sharing this, but I really just don’t see why we don’t talk more openly about this in society. I just really want to be transparent when I say, you are not alone if you are feeling drained and fed up with debt.

Nothing feels better than paying off another loan and being so much closer to freedom.

A few tips to get you started if you’re looking to break free from this madness

1.   Sign up for Financial Peace – If you are married or in a relationship, do it together! It helps if you’re both on board.

2.  Create an account on EveryDollar – It’s an incredible, free app that Dave and his team have created to help you budget!

3.   List all of your debts in order – smallest to largest.

4.   Find support – if it’s not your spouse or significant other, who can be your support system through this?

I’ll be sure to continue sharing our journey and some tips along the way!



2019 Goals

I’ll be honest when I say that I am a major goal maker. I find it to be so motivating and I love focusing on the end result. Tyler is a bit more nonchalant with goals in that he will have them but not be as structured or organized with them as me. He’s more of the one that would have his goals floating in his head but no straight way to get to it.

I think bringing the two of our personalities together is helpful to balance each other out. Otherwise I just get overwhelmed on my own and he’s not focused on his own.

When we sat down to discuss some of our upcoming year goals, we realized that both of us had pretty good ones in our minds already!

Jordan & Tyler combined goal:

  1. Pay off the remainder of our debt –> We will both be honest when we say that even though we make great money, we have most definitely fallen into the trap of society. It was “fun” to spend our hard earned money and have things to show for it in terms of materialistic items. But we have had enough and don’t want to live that way. We have both always loved Dave Ramsey, but now is the time to fully focus on his advice and plunge in. We’re SO close to moving to baby step three we can taste it. It will happen in 2019! As Dave says, “live like no one else so that later you can live like no one else!”

 Tyler goal:

  1. Finish Instrument Rating –> Tyler started this at the end of 2018 in mid-December and has goals to complete by March before planting season begins.

Jordan goals:

  1. Get back up to running 5 miles –> Such a simple one but it’s honestly been awhile since I’ve ran over 2-3 miles and I miss it. There’s something about 5 miles that I crave.
  2. Read 19 books –> Each year I try to read the amount of books for the last 2 digits of the year. Last year I exceeded my goal and actually read 20 so 19 should be a piece of cake again. I finally got a membership to the library to save money (note: our first goal listed above ;)). Reading really is a great pastime of mine, I just want to keep working hard on reading often. I have already started my first book of the year, Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich (her books are hilarious). My next two will be A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell (a fellow Iowan) and then probably a James Patterson book.
  3. Do at least one continuing education course –> I have a lot of interests from exercise to health coaching to Human Resources so I’ve got a lot of options on what I can do here. I haven’t decided yet!


2018 > 2019

You know the cliche that time flies when you are having fun? It seems to hold quite true for 2018 because as I type this, I have no idea where the year went.

Tyler and I were talking on Christmas Eve as we had dinner together at our kitchen table after hearing about the true meaning of Christmas in a sermon and felt so incredibly blessed. We were creating memories together and also looking back on the year. We feel so lucky for all of the things that happened for us in the year. The successes we both had and all of the fun we were able to experience with friends and family.

As we sat and discussed our year we thought of a few highlights.

Traveling to Arizona to finally visit Tyler’s grandparents, Terry & Kay. They have been “snow-birding” it in Arizona for 7 years! We are so glad we made it happen this year.

Tyler had his first full year in an Air Tractor. Even thought he had two summers of experience flying the Cessna 188, this was a huge jump for him. We’re both so proud of his accomplishments!

We got to celebrate Jordan’s sister’s wedding!

Our good friend, Nadyne, moved to Denver almost a year before we got down to visit her. While we were there we also stopped in to say hi to Jordan’s aunt & uncle as well as Tyler’s step-brother. It was a great time!

We celebrated another wedding – Jordan’s brother, Wyatt! No pictures yet, but will have to update this post once we get them.

Not to mention wrapping up the year with birthdays, holiday gatherings, and so much more.

As for 2019, you better watch out. We’re coming to get you! More details to come on our upcoming goals and focuses for the year!